Top 10 Reasons to visit Pereira

Pereira – a new destination to discover. Aside from its privileged geographical location that has, until now, always relegated it to a ‘passing-through’ city, Pereira itself is becoming a must-see destination for both national and foreign tourists. Here we list 10 reasons why you should include Pereira in your next vacation:

  1. Location, road infrastructure and transportation: Pereira is home to the biggest international airport in the Coffee Region. The airport has enjoyed the biggest growth and projection in the coffee region because of its excellent weather conditions, improvements and additions at the airport, and new national connections. Moreover, from Pereira you can reach all Coffee Region destinations quickly, and safely, by land on improved, secure roads that provide travelers with exceptional views.
  2. Gastronomy: With growing culinary and pastry offerings, Pereira always has a new flavor to discover. International cuisine is available from countries like Uruguay, Argentina, Italy, Spain and Peru. Moreover, it’s essential to enjoy the local flavors by renown chefs of the region and students from the culinary schools in Pereira. Would you like to try a focaccia, baked in a Swiss/Colombian bakery? How about a tea, choosing the flavors and country of origin? Would you like to try marvelous Colombian cuisine, with a new presentation and affordable prices? All of these flavors can be discovered in Pereira.
  3. The Weather: From almost anywhere in the city, you can appreciate the green, imposing Andes Mountains. Moreover, Pereira is surrounded by two basins that provide the city with unique climatic conditions, famous for its short, intense downpours that maintain the landscape green.
  4. The Friendly City: Pereira, a commercial city by excellence, is characterized by the friendliness of its inhabitants. No matter where you’re from, the warmth and kindness of Pereiranos (people from Pereira) will help you feel right at home.
  5. Tourism Options: Pereira has farms, parks, attractions, and tourism plans for all tastes and budgets. There are theme parks and bio-parks, in which you can learn about everything from the coffee process to the life of a butterfly. Within the city limits, there’s also a small lung: The Universidad Tecnológica of Pereira’s Botanical Gardens is an exceptional place that, apart from being the center of investigation and conservation, is also a beautiful university campus. For families, Pereira is also an ideal destination, as it has parks like Comfamiliar. For younger travelers and adventurers, there is paragliding, mountain biking, kart, paintball and much more.
  6. Cultural Tourism: Music, theater, dance, painting. Pereira has theaters, exhibition halls, charming cultural cafés and more. Once a month an entire block closes (La Cuadra) so that locals and visitors can enjoy the musical, photographic and artistic offerings of the region.
  7. Night Life: Pereira could be divided into two groups (without wanting to generalize) between the bohemian university crowd and the club, party crowd. In Pereira’s center are the most traditional and specialized cafés and bars where you can enjoy any number of settings: alternative, rock, pop-rock, reggae, tango, milonga and popular classics (golden oldies). All these genres have their own place in the center of Pereira.On the other side of Pereira, principally on or around the Circunvalar Avenue, are the bars and clubs that offer a more modern, nightclub vibe. Pereira has something for all budgets and tastes.
  8. A Destination to Explore: Pereira is still a pearl to be discovered. It’s neither too big nor too small, and most of Pereira can be explored either walking or on bicycle. Moreover, tourism is still fresh, so it’s not packed with swarms of tourists. All tourist stops and points of interest can be enjoyed easily without the hassle of pushy crowds.
  9. A College Town: Pereira has several diverse universities, both public and private, that make it a young, vibrant city with a great future. In the different university campuses, it’s common to encounter art exhibitions, extension courses, and exchanges that help enrich the cultural life of the region.
  10. The Coffee Culture: Colombia is passing through a marvelous transition from not only exporting the best coffees in the world, but also appreciating them and preparing them, as should be! It’s more common now for farms to certify their coffee processes and boast about how their coffee is smoother, richer. Moreover, many cafés are preoccupied about certificates of origin, coffee processes, and fair payment to coffee pickers. It’s an unforgettable experience to appreciate and drink coffee in the heart of the coffee region!