Exotic Fruit tasting experience at Kolibrí Hostel

After traveling for over a year, it was nice to arrive at the Kolibri hostel, where I would be staying for a month or so to relax and recharge. The hostel has surpassed my expectations in the short time I have been here. It is organized, clean, modern, and caters to all the needs of a traveler.

They have been conducting events each day since I have been here, and so far, I enjoyed the “exotic fruit tasting” event! Coming off the end of long night out for New Year’s celebrations for 2017, it was refreshing (and hydrating) to be able to taste some fruits originating from Colombia the next day. It is well known that Colombia boasts a large variety of sweet, tantalizing, weird and colorful fruit. And, I was glad to be giving this opportunity to try them out on the terrace with some other guests.

We all enjoyed exposing our taste-buds to the new flavors of some of the fruits on hand. Some of the fruits were more common and can be found elsewhere in the world, such as: grapes, pineapple, guava, mango, papaya, banana. However, the quality and freshness of the products were significantly different! In addition, fruits I had never heard of were on offer as well. This included guanabana, a large spiky fruit that, somehow, tasted like yogurt. A star fruit, who’s name pertains to its shape. This one tasted similar to an apple I thought. A peach palm fruit, which was too dry for my liking, however, it bore a tiny little seed inside that tasted like a coconut! By far my favorite was the granadilla! It is an orange, circular fruit that contains a gooey substance with seeds inside. The texture reminds me of larvae, despite that it is has a likeable sweetness to it, and is amusingly fun to eat! Lastly, a small quarter shaped, orange colored fruit, Cape gooseberry, packed a sweet punch!

So far so good at the Kolibri hostel. Looking forward to my time here and the next few events they have on offer to explore Pereira and the surrounding areas.

Written by Nicholas Hills