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Kolibrí hostel is the perfect balance between location, price, recreation and rest. Our 13 rooms, apartment, and various social areas are designed for all tastes and budgets. We have 5 different lodging categories, from dormitories (shared) to luxurious rooms with private patios. Moreover, together with our amazing team we can show you the best tourism options to enjoy the heart of the coffee region, its mega-biodiversity, culture and landscapes – by foot, bicycle, chiva (a typical colombian bus) or private transportation. Pereira, with its forever-spring climate, phenomenal road infrastructure, and culinary options has it all!




About Us

Indulge in an unforgettable adventure. Being the Number 1 hostel accredits us as being an ethical and responsible organization with our team, the environment, and our surroundings…

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Why Choose Us

Social Commitment

In Kolibrí Hostel our reception team is made up of students from the region who are seeking to gain work experience in the hospitality industry and earn income while studying. We do our best to accommodate their work schedules with academic commitments. We go beyond the minimum legal human resource compliance, furnishing each employee with adequate training, official employment benefits, and social security.

Bilingual ?

The personnel working with us during the day have an intermediate-high English level to provide you with necessary information and advice. They are very enthusiastic and appreciate the chance to polish their language skills. Also, all hostel communication and information are in both languages (Spanish and English) to simplify your travels.

Commitment to the environment

In Kolibrí Hostel we are in an implementation process of technical standards NTS 002 TS Sustainability. Our goal, beyond getting certified in sustainability is to minimize the negative impacts of our hostel on the environment. We have changed all traditional light bulbs with LEDs. We use two large reserve tanks that collect rainwater for things like watering the plants and washing the floors. We have a special hot water tank exclusively powered by solar energy that feeds some showers in the hostel. We have a program for hazardous waste management and plastic bottles are collected for a foundation that is responsible for their final use. In our last remodeling we changed to water saving shower head, installed motion sensors for automated electricity savings and we are continuously planning further improvements in terms of energy and water efficiency.

Tourist information

We provide tourist information at the reception with prices, schedules, and special discounts for our guests. We will gladly make reservations for you as we have agreements with carriers and tour operators in the region to ensure that all guests have worthwhile experiences for the best price.

Multiple common areas

Kolibrí Hostel has two kitchens, 3 dining rooms, two terraces, a library/book exchange and a media room equipped with movies, computers, a playstation and a flatscreen T.V. We have a basket of “Give and Take” where you can exchange products with other guests.

Commitment to Culture

We focus on culture, as we proudly support cultural initiatives such as the Cine Club la Caja that has a space in our hostel every Saturday at 7:00 pm. Also we make accords with programs like DANSE TALLERES N’OBRAS PROYECTOS and COFRADÍA DANZA and TEATRO EXPERIMENTAL. We have sponsored other initiatives such as Laptop Pereira Festival, hosted bands like Raiz Urbanaand have done exhibitions to support local artists.

Registered Brand

From 18 April 2016 we have a Certificate of Registration No. 532578. This is a commitment to do business in the best faith, valuing our brand and favorably positioning it in the market. We also have our National Tourism Registry No. 28094, are in the Chamber of Commerce of Pereira and fulfill all other legal compliance.


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How To Arrive


Calle 4 No. 16-35 Avda. Circunvalar, Vía al Mirador. To get to Kolibrí Hostel, you have to tell the taxi-driver the address (Calle 4 No. 16-35) and also tell him (very important!) to go to “Avenida Circunvalar, Vía al Mirador”. The hostel is only meters away from the roundabout and the mall Parque Arboleda.

From Airport

It takes around 20 minutes, depends of traffic and it will cost round $15.000

From Bus Station

We recommend to take a taxi, it will cost you $4.500 regular days or $5.000 after 7:00 p.m, Sundays and holidays. It takes around 10 minutes depends of traffic.

From Salento

There are direct buses from Salento to Pereira, it will take you one hour and it costs $6.500, the last bus to Pereira is at 8:30 p.m., please ask in advance.